Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Solstice 2013

Has it been an entire cycle from Summer Solstice to Winter since last I updated these pages?  Pretty much.  The downward snaky rollercoaster ride from June to now is coming in to the ride's stop. I disembark, sigh long and hard, "What was THAT?"

Travels from East Coast to China, holidays, birthdays, minor illness, a serious tooth abscess, way too much effort devoted to the time-suck that is Facebook (with things that may have been better said here), so many CJK videos (and a couple of western series even after Mad Men) that I have not even cared to comment on them, yin receiving too much stimulation over the past six months.  Maybe I'm done here. Or maybe not.

Today, which may or may not be the actual Solstice, depending on who you consult (all my Asian contacts are saying it's the 22nd, even though the 21st is regarded as such in the West) I rest, gather for the yang inhale which will begin in earnest on the 25th.

And before I know it, it will be June again.  Next stop on the ride--or start--Chinese New Year, January 31.  Year of Horse. Over the next month, it's "bei ma," make ready the horse for the gallop of 2014.

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