Monday, December 22, 2008

I finally realized why the run-up to Christmas leaves me so weary: it's the last days of full yin energy before the solstice, when things turn around and yang starts rising. There is yin and yang in every moment, but overall in the annual solar cycle, this is my experience.

Here's a curious thing: most scholars agree that Jesus Christ was probably born in May, and the Christmas feast was designated by the church as Dec. 25, to replace the post-solstice Roman pagan festival pf Saturnalia, at which point it can be perceived that days are getting longer. And the Nativity Feast of John the Baptist (the precursor of Christ) is just after the summer solstice, June 24. Seems like an expression of yin and yang. The days begin to get shorter after John's Day, until the moment when --with more sun -- the days begin to lengthen, Christmas Day. All these cosmic metaphors!

I guess this works just the opposite below the equator; just another yin/yang opposition. Or as my son points out, axial tilt is the reason for the season.